Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Campbell's Bluebird crashes at Coniston water

My thanks to Kosmograd for drawing my attention to this in respect of the recent post on Coniston Water.

He describes the popularity of the crash genre on YouTube as "a Ballardian pornucopia of violence and destruction played out for our viewing pleasure". Which is nice.


Murphy said...

I've often wondered exactly what YouTube's policy on death is: it would seem that fatal accidents viewed from a distance are fine, but no bodies!

It's the same as the Twin Towers- A perfect non corporeal spectacular mass-death, apart from the people who jumped, thus they had to be excised from the acceptable footage.

Apparently Campbell's last words, over the intercom were, "I'm gone."

Charles Holland said...

I think (and I might be wrong) that he said, "...I'm going..." which is a lot less final.

My parents went to watch some of his runs on the lake the week before he crashed and I remember watching the footage as a child on some documentary about him so the crash has always held an eerie fascination for me.

The footage has been repeated so much though I think because of the lack of a body in every sense. It is just a miniature object flipping over. The sound recording seems to add to that somehow, as does the fact that they didn't find the body.