Friday, December 21, 2007

I Get Around

Just back from Amerikay where the FAT boys (as everyone insists on calling us) finished their stint at Yale University with aplomb. Our students did fine and withstood the barrage of assembled old and young bores succesfully. I'll post some pics of their work soon. It snowed and froze and snowed again so that all of Yale's pseudo medieval campus architecture looked like the set of Harry Potter.

To come: A High Tech feast:

Reviews of the Jean Prouve exhibition at the Design Museuem and Richard Rogers (and co.) at the Pompidou Centre.
Plus some comments on the new Herzog and DeMeuron building on New York's Bond Street.

First up though, a review of Mike Nelson's exhibition A Psychic Vacuum in New York, also to be seen in the latest copy of the generally excellent Icon magazine,

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