Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Attack of the Bloid

This is the trailer for Quatermass and the Pit an excellent British horror movie from the 1960's. It combines occultism, sci-fi, archeology, psycho geography a classic science versus the military ethical stand off and some very groovy spaceship design. The alien spaceship is a thoroughly beautiful object, utterly unlike any other space ship in science fiction. It's more like an abstract expressionist sculpture; part Henry Moore, part Brancusi and part Max Ernst. I'm thinking of remaking it and entering it for next year's Turner Prize. The fact that it is buried under the fictional Hobb's Lane Central Line underground station makes it even more mysterious for me. Then again I always preferred the Doctor Who episodes set on earth. It also has a certain resemblance to fashionable architectural forms of the late 1990's.

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