Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Viva Decon!

I've just discovered this. It's really very good. Bit late in the day but still. I have long wondered at the odd and, so I thought, unremarked '60's brutalist quality of much hip contemporary architecture (Foreign Office Architects are guilty too). Much of it reminds me of Richard Seifert. Now I have reason not to be so peturbed by this. I am reminded too of Will Self's description in his book Scale of motorway bridges as the ruins of the future.

The anti-heroic reading here is a bracing reinterpretation of the futurist pretentions of the work. Mostly though I like it because its a good example of why architecture criticism does not have to slavishly echo the agenda set up by the architect. The bit about the dribbling yellow light is particularly good too.

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