Saturday, April 12, 2008

Words Don't Come Easy

F R David, whoever he was, was right. So after the last few wordy posts which have filled me with a sense of dread as to how much time one could actually really spend doing this, not to mention the self loathing at having not done lots of grown up things that people have actually asked for, a couple of posts of more image based stuff.

Notes and Corrections:

BTW thanks to the generous and seemingly inexhaustibly curious author of this most excellent site, for his generous linkaging which has increased the readership of this blog by about 800%. A special shout out then to the reader in Qatar (who knew?) for their interest in obscure Dorset villages.

And finally, having re-read the salient chapter in The Village That Died for England, it's actually Fred Scott who accompanies Warren Chalk to the pub. David Greene is mentioned later. He also has this exhibition opening at the AA soon, which is well worth checking out.

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Rob said...

Get out now before it's too late!

And don't read Owen's work unless you intend to be regularly dismayed/jealous by how he manages to churn out both quantity AND quality every sodding week.

Seriously though, it's great to have more FAT blogging. Looking forward to reading more.