Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cautious Opening

The ol' interweb is sometimes tiring and sometimes a strange and mysterious place where strands of thought and unlikely connections take you on delightful journeys of coincidence. Or maybe its not coincidence, maybe it's simply that it connects you quicker and more efficiently to places and people you might have taken years to discover otherwise.

Take for example this typically obscure set of linkages. Fresh from reading an article on wind farm protesters, I followed Sit down man's link to the Sequipedalist's excellent piece on the origins of electricity pylons, objects which have long fascinated me precisely because of their odd invisibility to the kind of Nimby aversion to wind farms he mentions (in comparison to much smaller structures in the landscape), as well as their strange beauty. From the Sequipedalist to Things and another link to Blissblog's recent posts where I'm intrigued by a reference to band July Skies, whose myspace site lists 'pylons marching across fields' as one of their favourite things. Sadly, they are silent on the subject of wind farms. Regardless, its enough to make me want to buy their album. All of which is not meant to reduce these things to some kind of viral marketing strategy but to enjoy the mysterious drift of ideas.

Longer more consequential posts to come including a response to the impostume's kind invitation to list my current favourite songs as well as a tribute to Fidel Castro's ice cream parlour policy.

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matt said...

The July Skies album I've got (The Weather Clock) is a gorgeous record - totally recommended.