Monday, September 8, 2008

Dog End

Well, this all very confusing. Just as I was gearing up to respond to Owen's meme, I've been indirectly instructed to cease and desist. Probably just as well as I had tied my poor brain in knots thinking how to reply to such a challenge. The point of this rather interesting meme was probably always more in the acuteness of the observation of other people's blogs - the skewering of their obvious tropes and underlying themes - than in the responses anyway. Suffice to say that Owen rather neatly identified the character of many of the posts here (if I may be grandiose for a moment) which is something along the lines of the mixing of high falutin' art or architecture with popular culture without necessarily trying to reconcile the two.

So, I can return to failing to write about Tony Wilson now. Other posts will follow too, attempting no doubt to deal somewhat ambiguously with complex and contradictory aspects of architecture and design. Then again, maybe I will attempt to write a non-contradictory post and see if anyone notices (or indeed cares). Perhaps too it should extend to having no gratuitous references to pop songs, or slightly obscure links to not quite obviously related things, or random tangents on the picturesque or even angry outbursts motivated by this weeks BD either......

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