Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On the other side

While I work on a new post here are some links to things worth reading....

Poetix has a superlative examination of the motifs running through one of Viz Comic's finest creations, Fru T. Bun. The sort of thing that would (wrongly) turn up in Pseuds Corner, this post dares to take seriously something very very funny. Humour and comedy have long been consigned to second division or minor backwater status in art. I've always thought a good joke can be as profound as tragedy myself.

BTW, similar things to Fru T. Bun also happen in Morris Day: Sexual Pervert, a character who consistently avoids his wife's sexual advances in favour of ever more elaborate and ludicrous acts of simulated sex designed to replicate the 'real thing'.

Bollocks to Architecture who I don't normally agree with but who may have a point about the King's Cross Charette.

A bit old now but Owen Hatherley's excellent piece on the Smithson's Hunstanton School is a really good piece of architecture criticism, as is/was his piece on Googie architecture.

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owen hatherley said...

Ta. Best bit in that AJ Charette - one contributor saying that they would have liked more blue sky thinking.