Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Visiting Prof.

FAT have a spate of lectures coming up. All three of us will be lecturing in the fabulous and faintly terrifying Christ's Church, Spitalfields for the 17th Berthold Lubetkin lecture. Our initial idea of a Chat Show format was unfortunately abandoned due to concerns over it working in such an imposing location and the fact that Michael Aspel wasn't available, so instead we will be giving three mini lectures in order to avoid the usual 'here is some stuff what we've done' format. Topics likely to include Copying, A Short History of the Popular Home and the unexplored interface between digital culture and mock tudor.

After that I'm at Oxford Brookes on November 13th and Sheffield University on a date soon to be confirmed.

Please come along to all or any of the above. The Lubetkin one is ticket only, so for details follow the link.

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