Friday, January 16, 2009


I dunno, you nip off for a couple of days to, say, have a baby* and all manner of exciting things happen on the interweb!

First, and as if to rubbish my suggestion that he had packed up and gone home, The Impostume returns with several quite brilliant posts, the best of which is his glorious tribute to Abba. No mention of Hey Hey Helen, however, my favourite Abba break up song, particularly for its glam rock guitar, barrelling piano chorus line and the finely balanced morality of the line; "...the price you paid, to be a woman of today".

Some of this seems a response to a slew of posts at Simon Reynold's Blissblog, including this one on The Sweet.

A456 has this fascinating look at the problems of object classification when it comes to planes.

Mockitecture has a highly amusing series of comparisons between buildings and songs, my favourite of which is the collision of Peter Eisenman and Prince.

Lastly, there is a fascinating (if rather stilted) interview with the late great Charles Moore to be found down the left hand side bar at No2Self. I'm also loving Rob's AD covers, (following The Sesquipedalist's example) including the wonderful Post Modernism lift-off one linked to above (complete with perceptive Charles Moore review of Charles Jenck's Language of Post Modern Architecture -must be Charles Moore week, as he also gets twinned with Soul Train in Mockitecture's Arch/Music post) and an earlier and rather lovely Milton Keynes one.

I've learnt my lesson on billing future posts as they tend to be the ones that I never finish, but I will be up and posting properly soon........possibly.

* Yes, he (Baxter) has arrived! Many thanks for the kind words, especially from people I have never met (but now feel I should). I promise that's the last you'll hear about it. Very bad form to go on so.....I'm still a little delirious in case it isn't obvious.


Blaize said...

Fantastic congratulations on the fantastic baby! I hope you are all doing well. You grew a human. Talk about landscape architecture!

Rob said...

Congratulations! But wait - no live update from the maternity ward via twitter?

I'll suspect you'll see more Moore from me in the coming months. I'm in the midst of designing a place for myself and I'm finding I need to turn to him for moral support on a daily basis.

My colleague at the office is threatening to dig out an old tape interview he has with him.

Charles Holland said...

Thanks to both of you. Yes, we are all doing very well, exhausted but very happy.

Looking forward to more Moore.

Jack Gaumer said...

Congratulations on the kid! I didn't expect to have more reading to do on here for a while longer, but I guess when new loves come along they never replace, only augment the new ones so you had to come back to writing sometime soon.