Thursday, February 12, 2009

Is Modern Life Rubbish?

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Yes, but here are some good things I've been reading:

Brutalism, Banham and Blur appear in recent posts at the excellent Radonbrainstorm. The post on Blur is particularly good, heroically attempting to reclaim Modern Life Is Rubbish from Britpop ignominy. Personally I'm with him all the way on this album and its "enchanting tale of lovers caught punch-drunk in the vortex of London life".

It also makes an interesting companion piece to the quite possibly definitive history of Pulp via urbanism, sexuality and class, currently underway at The Measures Taken.

I'm also intruiged by Radonbrainstorms image from '80's TV show Minder, mainly because I've missed the first episode of its return and am intrigued to see how it portrays London. London in the original Minder was relentlessly grim, a pre-Costa coffee and gentrification landscape of deserted backstreets, burnt out cars, grim clothes, gentleman's drinking clubs and British Leyland vehicles. Will it have been restyled by a combination of Urban Splash and the Urban Task Force?

Finally, Mockitecture's addictive architecture/music pairings scenario has turned up at Life Without Buildings. I'm not sure about the resulting equation of lo-fi music with primitive structures and igloos, but any excuse for some My Bloody Valentine is alright by me.

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