Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunburst and Snowblind

I Like has a short post on this lovely looking book of the sunburst motif, associated with art deco and a certain kind of 1920/30's suburbia. The sun burst was used in all sorts of places and at all scales, appearing on windows, fire places, gates and fences.

Like a lot of decorative architectural motifs it was briefly rediscovered in early post modernism, most notably in the work of Charles Moore and Venturi Scott Brown. VSBA's Abraham's House, something of a lost project in their canon, goes ga ga for the sunburst motif, extruding it through the facade and into the interior so that it becomes both decorative and structural.

(VSBA's Abraham's House)

We had a bash at it too in what we refer to now as our Sunshine Deserts meets Soviet realism moment*. There's a touch of Foghorn Leghorn in there too. It didn't make it into the final building unfortunately when the barrel vault behind it disappeared. One to be revived though.

(FAT, Image of the park including early iteration of the Hoogvliet Villa)

* Incidentally the original building used for this been tracked down by someone and photographed here.

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