Sunday, October 25, 2009

My So-Called Digital Life

Remarkably, my wife has taken the view that it's more important to use the digital camera to photograph our infant child with his maternal grandparents than to illustrate this blog. I know, out-bloody-rageous. So my recent short trip to Bavaria has gone comparatively un-documented. Which is a shame as some of that baroque stuff is truly wack. The photo at the top of the post (not mine) is of the phenomenal Assam Kirche in Munich. Note how the marble columns start off as rocks at pavement level and the way that the whole thing kind of erupts from the streetscape.

I also visited the BMW Museum (pretentious) and BMW Welt (obnoxious) when I was there and intend to write some more about why. Suffice to say, neither were a patch on the Assam Kirche, although I do like the late '60's 4-cylinder BMW tower for reasons I can't fully put my finger on. I think it might be because I like buildings in the shape of logos. Or engines. It was also used as a backdrop for the film Rollerball apparently.

I did buy a disposable camera when wandering around Munich's Olympic Stadium so there should be some fabulously low quality images to accompany the post I'm working on about that.

By the way, here's me attempting to be humorous when answering Building Magazine's questions about "My Digital Life'. The bit about the digital camera is highly prophetic as it turns out. Also, in a real media onslaught, I can be found saying something that doesn't quite make sense in Murphy's article about the new digital decorative in this month's Icon.

That's enough about my digital life. People might start thinking that I don't have any other kind.