Monday, May 3, 2010

Reasons To Be Cheerful. Or Not.

So, I'm back from our final (for the time being) trip to Yale which means two things Fantastic Journal-wise. One, there will be more regular postings on this blog and, two, they may be about something other than New Haven.

An Arts and Crafts special is highly likely after my upcoming visit to Bailie Scott's Blackwell House and Charles Voysey's Broadleys, not to mention John Ruskin's Brantwood house and museum (previously pontificated on here), in the Lake District.

This post's title obviously refers to Ian Dury, who's recent - if largely disappointing - bio-pic Sex and Drugs and Rock'n'roll I saw a couple of weeks ago. Probably the best line in it, neatly enough, is when his son Baxter (ha! there's another one) asks him if they're posh. "Nah, Dury replies, "We're Arts and Crafts". Having also just watched Julian Temple's fabulous Dr Feelgood movie Oil City Confidential, a post on the industrial landscape of Essex pop music is also in the, ahem, pipeline.

That's if I haven't topped myself after Thursday and the likely outcome of a Tory election victory. An awful taste of the kind of philistine idiocy and brutal spending cuts destined to come in its wake is the proposed closure of Middlesex University philosophy department. A vigorous defence of the department is being mounted though and you can sign a petition here.


AM said...

Charles Voysey's Broadleys is one on my list of all time favourites.
I think it was Kenneth Frampton who said that there wouldn't be no Loos without the "whites" of Voysey.
I think that that was a rather cleaver (if not right) thing to said.

Charles Holland said...

Dead right. A lot of those Voysey houses are very Loosian. I'm fabulously excited about visiting it.

AM said...

or, on the contrary, loss houses have a very british feel to them
nothing new, off course