Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bon voyage

Ok, so I'm off to Australia on Monday where I'll be speaking at this event in Adelaide on the 9th July. I'll also be giving another lecture on behalf of the Australian Institute of Architects in Melboure - details here.

My presentation at Flux is called Do The Wrong Thing and will form a sort of anti-manifesto, or a a list of things NOT to do as architect as a way of responding to the conference's theme of Architecture In Crisis. The Melbourne lecture will perhaps be a slightly more straightforward description of FAT's recent and ongoing work.

Anyway, I'm very excited by both and looking forward to seeing some of the architecture of Melbourne, which looks very interesting indeed. Hopefully there will be some posts about it all when I get back.....


Jack Burnett-Stuart said...

I would recommend a visit to the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, with a recent addition by ARM, who seem to have something in common with FAT.

Charles Holland said...

Thanks, I saw it - along with a few other buildings by ARM, all of which were v interesting. I liked Melbourne too a lot. Lovely city.