Monday, June 13, 2011

Inside Out

My long post about Loos and Venturi was really about incidents of exterior architecture on the inside. Here's another example: Edwin Lutyens' fabulously bizarre hallway at Little Thakeham (via).


AM said...

uau! looks amazing
being a huge Venturi fan I've been looking for years for a good decent book on the architecture of E. Lutyens
on the contrary of Asplund or Plecnik it don't seem to be one
would you (could you) recommend some?

Love the ceiling of “skittle alley” on E. Lutyens Goddards (almost like the “broken” ceiling above the dining room on Venturi Mother’s House)

Charles Holland said...

AM, the best book on Lutyens is the one by Gavin Stamp featuring the original black and while photos from Country Life - the pic at the top of this post is one.

AM said...

Tanks a lot, CH