Saturday, December 3, 2011

Clean up man

As well as managing that rarest of contemporary phenomena The New Post (see below),  I have cleaned up things a bit around here too. Most obviously, I've got rid of the News from Elsewhere section which you no doubt never noticed before anyway. As well as being a side-splitting pun based on the title of William Morris' News From Nowhere, this exciting feature allowed me to link to articles on-line that I liked. However I've been experiencing compatability issues between Delicious and Blogger of late which has made linking a tiresomely erratic business. More importantly, this function has been entirely superceeded by twitter so I got rid of it. 

I've also updated my links to other sites to be more reflective of what I'm currently reading, which includes most noticeably the excellent group blogs on the 1970's, 80's and 90's. Recent stuff over there has included Owen H on the majesty of the Lloyd's Building (which kindly links to a piece I wrote on Richard Rogers here a while ago) and great pieces on Chris Burden, Kim Wilde and Forest Gump. Oh yes, and on the magnificent though admittedly "grandiose and absurd", Cameo

I've also been enjoying this, partly for the title but also for some excellent period photos of Brutalist masterpieces. In a similar vein there's also this. And check out Dirty Modern Scoundrels, Grindrod's very enjoyable blog offering the recherche pleasure of looking at Old People Walking Past Concrete Murals as well as a link to the wonderful film Reyner Banham Loves LA.

Finally and in a linking state of mind, there are some great bits and pieces in tribute to the late, great Ken Russell collected at Simon Reynolds' Blissblog.


Ben said...

I'd love to hear your opinion on what inheritance (if any) there is between the Lloyd's building and more recent, pop-ish attempts at financial HQs such as what Koolhaas has done for Rosthchilds or Clive Wilkinson for Maquarie bank.

Charles Holland said...

Well, Rothschilds is probably the best building in the city since Lloyd's but it's very demure by comparison. It's a mannered essay in the International Style moderne of 60's New York I'd say. The Lloyds is just nuts.