Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Digging your 'zine

I am spectacularly slow in linking to this but Elias Redstone has a fabulous site detailing what appears to be a fast growing industry in small scale, independant architectural publishing. Archizines includes the excellent recent(ish) UK based publications P.E.A.R and Block as well as a personal favourite of mine, The Weather Ring, which I might have linked to before on the grounds of its appalling front cover joke about Bernard Tschumi.

Which leads me neatly to a contribution I've made to the latest edition of Kritik, a beautifully produced Swedish architecture magazine also featured on Elias' site. Issue 15 includes an edited and slightly abridged version of my recent Berlin photo post (The Big B) where the usual "mordant observations" are allowed free reign - pdf version here.

As luck would have it I also have a piece in the upcoming issue of Quaderns where I have written about the preservation and conservation in domestic architecture. Updated link to come when it comes out but thanks to Pär Eliaeson at Kritik and Mario Ballesteros at Quaderns for the invitations to contribute. 

Thanks are also due to Douglas Murphy who includes this blog in his new year's honours list at Entschwindet &Vergeht.  Very kind and I shall do my best to continue bucking the alarming recent trend in blogicide. In the spirit of this see below for a new post on an old subject.