Thursday, September 5, 2013



(Image: Neo-Plotlands village, by Jason Le Mare)

As this old blog has shown renewed signs of life lately, I feel justified in writing one of those look-what-I've-been-up-to posts, especially as there's a fair few things to mention.

Most notably I have contributed an essay to the RIBA's Building Future's series on the future of the village. In it I speculate on what a 21st century version of the planned and utopian villages of previous centuries might look like and what kind of economy it might be based on. My essay also serves as an introduction to the diploma studio I ran last year. The work of students in the unit is featured in a separate photo-essay.

There are also excellent and provocative essays by Daisy Froud, Matt Wood and Iain Watt.

I've also contributed an essay to the latest issue (no. 3) of the wonderful Block magazine, edited by Rob Wilson. I originally wrote this piece on the subject of architecture and money a couple of years ago now and it's only just seen the light of day which explains the fact that all the statistics in it are from 2011. Nonetheless, it's no less relevant I hope and the rest of the issue is, as usual, beautifully produced and well worth reading.

Incidentally, Rob interviews me about the house that FAT have designed with Grayson Perry - currently on site - for his other publishing venture, the on-line Uncube magazine. You can read Grayson's thoughts and inspirations about the project here.

Last but not least in this vulgar round of trumpet blowing, there's a review of a fabulous collation of architectural models on film from last month's issue of Icon available on-line. In next month's issue I'll be reviewing the RA's Richard Rogers retrospective and on here I'll be relating my attempt to find and photograph the lovely steel framed house and studio he designed in the Essex countryside early in his career.

For anyone who isn't sated enough by all that, I'll be speaking out loud and in public at Frome's newly minted Architecture Club (motto: the first rule of architecture club: talk about architecture club) on October 1st. 

And finally, following my previous post about Matzine's Jargon debate, there is a no-doubt highly embarrassing film of the whole event available to view here.

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