Friday, January 7, 2011

soap box

Next week I will be popping up at a couple of events. Firstly, I will be participating at Domus' Critical Futures discussion at the Gopher Hole in Shoreditch on Thursday 13th. At first glance this event looks like a 'bloggers vs traditional media' all-in wrestling match, so I will be doing my best to avoid too much sectarianism as well as the uncritical past, and will hopefully talk about architectural criticism instead. Not that I know anything about it obviously.

On Friday 14th I will be involved in a discussion about the counter-culture and architecture at the AA, organised by C-Lab's Jeffrey Inaba. Details of this to follow. On a similar note though, I have made some terse contributions to C-Lab's latest New City Reader newspaper on the subject of the weather.

Finally, my Dear Other Architects post makes a cameo appearance in the lovely Kritik magazine, issue 11, where it provides a suitably downbeat ending to proceedings.

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Pär Eliaeson said...

Many thanks, Charles.
Yes, we let your "Dear other..." have the last word in a small theme about swedish competitions and juries. Spreading the word...