Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Excuses, excuses

A bit of a dog ate my homework post this in that I've been busy writing elsewhere and therefore neglecting my blogging duties. I'm currently busy on some longer pieces including something on the Shard for Domus, one on pylons and infrastructure for Australian Architectural Review Asia Pacific and various things for Icon including My Most Glamorous Commission Evah. All of these will see the light of day in the next few weeks. Incidentally, my interview with AR editor Simon Sellars from some time back has just been posted up on French site Le courrier de L'architecte

I'll also be doing some more speaking in public. My lecture at the London Institute may have been postponed until October 9th, but I will definitely be speaking at the Collaborative Urbanism event in Birmingham on June 14th.

I will also be popping up (hopefully) on superior footballing blog Minus The Shooting which has been reprised for Euro 2012. There's already a couple of posts up on this, including an excellent nailing of the terrible "anti-expectation expectation" of Roy Hodgson's England, the first manager to go into a major footballing tournament with absolutely no-one expecting us to win. This, as author Loki brilliantly observes, has formed a new and terrible form of perverse hope. Such is the lot of the England fan.......

Finally, new posts are likely on the architecture of Tayler and Green and a short tribute to Richard Rogers' house. 


terrapol said...

Will you be posting any of these pieces online? I'm interested to hear your views on the shard. When it's open what will be the biggest architectural project/development under construction in blighty?

Charles Holland said...

Sorry for not commenting sooner. Yes, I will. I'll link to them when they appear on-line. All are available off-line at the moment I believe.