Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ACME Roadblock

Courtesy of Adam Tomski, one of our Yale students currently researching the Truce Village of Panmunjom, some pictures of North Korean instant roadblock defences. They are like a series of anti-monuments, not so much celebrations of a past victory as anticipations of future conflict.

The giant concrete boulder above, poised ready to be released, has a certain Loony Tunes quality about it, almost comical in its crude violence.

A collapsible concrete (Un)Triumphal Arch. The side blocks get blown out apparently so that the top falls down to block the road.


bazza said...

Hooray! After randomly looking in on about 100 blogs today I have found an interesting one!
So many people seem to want to blog about their 'madcap, crazy family'. It gets tedious after a while.
I really enjoyed your comments about the fascinating civil defences in North Korea being anti-monuments.
At the moment I am reading Anton de Botton's 'The Architecture of Happiness'.
I will be back.

Charles Holland said...

Thanks, glad you found it interesting....posts have been a bit thin on the ground lately but should be some new stuff up here soon...