Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Out Now

A couple of self-important plugs for some things printed elsewhere, neither of which are available on line. I have some drawings (one of which is above) in the current issue of Icon responding to the recent ban on minarets in Switzerland. I won't say too much about them as they're fairly self-explanatory, I think, although it's worth stating that any aspects of the image above which resort to using tired national stereotypes is obviously intentional. I will also have a review of the recent Learning from Las Vegas symposium appearing in Icon, hopefully in the upcoming issue.

I have a short essay in the current issue of Architectural Review (now, like the AJ, minus Kieran Long as editor despite the fact that he improved both magazines enormously). It's about TV and suburbia and is really a more focused version of this post from a while back. It's a bit chopped around to be honest and the printed version is minus some (perhaps rather dubious) speculations on what a future suburbia might look like. Anyway, I promise to stop going on about Reginald Perrin now.

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