Thursday, May 13, 2010

Essex Links

One silver lining of the election - along, perhaps, with the success of Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion - was the routing of Nick Griffin and the BNP at Barking. I'd been conscious of the possibility of the BNP winning the seat when I was writing my last post partially extolling the merits of that part of the world and was consequently a little wary. Barking isn't strictly speaking in Essex, but its roots certainly are. Anyway, with the vindication of the people of Barking and Dagenham demonstrating their innate decency, I can now recommend some further reading on the subject.

Firstly, Mondoadogo makes a coincidental visit to Canvey Island (please forgive the plug back here early on, that wasn't my motive in linking to Mondo's post) and takes some very nice pictures along the way and, secondly, Caught By The River has a long photo essay on the glories of the Essex coast, which begins at Canvey. Go read.


Anonymous said...

Like the Essex posts - I can't read enough about Essex really (being from BasVegas). Visited Grays a few months ago which I would recommend for a an industrial ramble.

A Shoeburyness post in the pipeline also. Laura

Charles Holland said...

Thanks, enjoyed your Shoeburyness post. I remember the scene from Four Weddings and a Funeral with the Dartford bridge in the background too. I always thought that, for an otherwise appallingly smug film, that was an interesting location....