Monday, August 30, 2010

i trawl the megahertz

I'm back, but busy. So before a proper new post, here - apropos of nothing much - is the opening credit sequence to '80's TV show Shoestring. I loved this programme so much as a child that the episode featuring a '60's beat band and the covered up murder of a groupie still haunts me. What I particularly like about the credits though - apart from the fabulously shapeless and billowing dress worn by the lady at the end - is the attempt to make Bristol appear a little bit like gritty 1970's New York. Also, the use of the radio waveband motif sticks out as a piece of outmoded technology redolent of a time when trawling across the wavebands was a regular activity. As a metaphor for the relative difficulty of finding things to watch/listen to in those days it seems highly apposite. You had to search for culture then, by 'eck.

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